Tigers News · First round of Golf State Championship

1st round 18 hole score:  41 – 41= 82

Comments:  Jake played his 1st 18 holes in the State Championship held at Prairie View GC in Carmel today shooting a very deceiving 82.  His front 9 score and back nine score was 41.  The deceiving part of his round was how well he hit the ball. His driving was very solid, missing only a couple of fairways out of the 14
possible; his iron play was also very good on the wet course, where lift clean and place in your own fairway was being played, missing only a few greens in regulation.  The problems came on the greens;  very fast, tough pin placements, and  large sloping surfaces.  Not making excuses, but during the season we did not play greens that left long uphill and slick breaking putts downhill, so Jake was really out of his comfort zone and caused him to 3 putt 6 times during the round, which made his score at least 6-8 shots higher than he would normally shoot. It seemed that his playing partners were also bothered by the tough conditions as they experienced the same problems.  Jake does get another try Wednesday as all competitors get to play both days and will have the chance to better their first day score.  Jake will tee off at 9:48Wed.  and I’m sure he will improve his score from Tuesday.  Getting to the State Finals is a real accomplishment and shows how much talent Jake has in his golf game.