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I have good news and bad news for Tiger Cub fans going to Sullivan this Saturday for our soccer games.  The Good news …. Sullivan is celebrating their Corn Festival.  The bad news …. Sullivan is celebrating their Corn Festival.  Regardless if you enjoy a good Corn Festival, it has changed the directions we sent out earlier.  Please help spread the word. This message is from their AD.

I forgot about our corn festival parade on Saturday.  The original directions I sent may have roads closed so here are new directions.
41 South to Frakes Street. 
Turn left on Frakes Street (at this intersection there will be 2 churches on your right and highway garage on your left).
You will pass our middle school and elementary schools on your right.
After passing the second school be looking for a purple sign telling you where to make a right turn to get to soccer field.
Sorry to change things up on you.

Otto Clements, AD
Sullivan High School