Multiple Teams · Greencastle High School Cross Country Varsity Girls Win

Sport Cross Country Varsity Girls
Place 1 Points 15
Game Recap
The girls surprised a lot of people today, mainly themselves. Yes, we lost two very good runners from last year, however Corrie and Brittany are having no problem stepping up to take their place.
Box Scores
Box Score:

Team Runner Position Time
Greencastle Corrie Romer 1 23:08
Greencastle Brittany Love 2 23:13
Greencastle Alex Stoffregen 3 25:02
Greencastle Samantha Haynes 4 25:33
Greencastle Megan Haynes 5 25:48
Greencastle Kat King 6 26:09
West Vigo Taylor Shelby Sparks 7 27:08
West Vigo Shae White 8 29:10
West Vigo Courtney Brown 9 29:14
West Vigo Katie Jones 10 30:01